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Japanese Patent JP2005037553
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To obtain an image forming apparatus which uses a conductive brush for cleaning the surface of an electrifying member, and provides a high-quality image by preventing irregularities in an electrostatic latent image caused by the fall of the bristles of the conductive brush and restraining the scattering of developer over a long term.

The image forming apparatus is provided with an electrifying roller electrifying a photoreceptor drum 1, and a conductive brush roller for removing a foreign matter adhering to the surface of the electrifying roller. Then, it is provided with a 1st entrance seal 10a whose edge is brought into contact with the surface of the drum 1 and a 2nd entrance seal 10b arranged between a magnetic brush and the seal 10a at a developing casing aperture part on an upstream side of an area where the magnetic brush is formed on a developing roller 41. A magnet roller 42 included in the developing roller has auxiliary magnetic poles P1a and P1c adjacently on the upstream side and the downstream side of a developing main magnetic pole P1b, and the width between inflection points on the upstream side and those of the downstream side of the flux density of the developing main magnetic pole in a normal direction in a developer conveying direction is set to ≤60°.

Suzuki, Yuji
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Publication Date:
February 10, 2005
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July 17, 2003
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G03G15/09; A46B7/10; G03G15/02; G03G15/08; (IPC1-7): G03G15/09; A46B7/10; G03G15/02; G03G15/08
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黒田 壽