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Japanese Patent JPH1115308
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To provide an image forming device in which dew condensation, produced when a sheet is cooled by a cooling roller of a cooling device, is prevented, and cooling efficiency of the sheet is improved by a heat-radiation from the surface of the cooling roller, without increasing a load of a fixing heater and without impairing a conveying property or the like of the sheet.

A cooling device consists of a heat pipe 20 as a cooling roller and a conveyor belt 26, between which a sheet 10 is nipped and conveyed, and simultaneously cooled by releasing heat from the sheet 10. An intake port 36 and an exhaust port 40 of a duct 34 arranged at the upper part of the heat pipe 20 and the conveyor belt 26 are installed respectively on the outside of a sheet-conveying passage. Comparatively cold air is introduced from the outside of the device and cools the heat pipe 20 and the conveyor belt 26, and then the comparatively hot air is discharged smoothly to the outside of the device and never comes back again inside the device.

Hiramatsu, Masami
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May 08, 1989
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June 20, 1997
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A47B77/04; A47B46/00; A47B77/16; A47B88/00; A47B88/04; A47B88/14; (IPC1-7): A47B46/00; A47B77/04; A47B88/00; A47B88/14

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