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Japanese Patent JP2011039210
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To obtain an image projector capable of obtaining a projection image, in which variation in optical performance of a projection lens is small and which has a good image quality, by reducing absorption of luminous flux of the projection lens and luminous flux shielded by a wall surface of a lens barrel.

The image projector includes: an image display element; an illumination optical system illuminating the image display element with the luminous flux emitted from a light source means; a projection optical system having a zoom function and projecting the luminous flux from the image display element to a projection surface; the lens barrel holding the projection optical system; and a temperature control means controlling temperature of at least one of the projection optical system and the lens barrel based on a zoom position of the projection optical system.

Yamauchi, Hisashi
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Publication Date:
February 24, 2011
Filing Date:
August 10, 2009
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International Classes:
G03B21/00; G02B13/18; G02B15/167; G02B15/20; G02B19/00; G02F1/13; G02F1/13357; G03B9/02
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高梨 幸雄