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Japanese Patent JP2018140583
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce leakage of a liquid stored in a liquid storage chamber from a head by sufficiently securing an air amount flowing from the liquid storage chamber toward the head.SOLUTION: A composite machine 10 includes: an ink cartridge 30 which has a storage chamber 57 of ink and is opened to the atmosphere; a storage chamber 160 of ink which communicates with the storage chamber 57 through a communication port 184; a tank 103 that has the communication port 128 from which ink flows from the storage chamber 160 and is opened to the atmosphere; and a nozzle 29 which is mounted on a carriage 22 moving in a horizontal direction 9 and discharges the ink supplied from the storage chamber 160 through the communication port 128. The storage chamber 160 is positioned forward from the nozzle 29 and in a right side of the carriage 22. The communication port 128 flows the ink from a right lower end of the storage chamber 160. The communication port 128 is positioned in a right side of the communication port 184 and the storage chamber 57.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 8

林 雅洋
石部 陽雅
小林 昭仁
田邉 裕磨
佐藤 真豪
高橋 宏明
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September 13, 2018
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February 28, 2017
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西木 信夫
松田 朋浩

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