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Japanese Patent JP2019056857
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To provide an imaging apparatus that has a turret type optical filter changeover mechanism and that is made compact in a circumferential direction perpendicular to an optical axis.SOLUTION: The present invention relates to an imaging apparatus having an imaging element unit having an imaging element, a turret type optical filter changeover mechanism, and a front base retaining the imaging element unit, and the front base has a plurality of imaging element fitting bosses extended toward the imaging element unit. Further, the turret type optical filter changeover mechanism has a through hole in the center of an axis of rotation. One of the imaging element fitting bosses is inserted into the through hole and extends to the imaging element unit so as to retain the imaging element unit.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6c

諧 尊比古
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April 11, 2019
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September 22, 2017
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G03B11/00; G02B7/02; G03B17/02; H04N5/225
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高梨 幸雄

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