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Japanese Patent JP2019056858
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To provide an imaging apparatus having an optical filter unit which, of a compact size though, has a larger optical opening region without incurring a significant increase in cost.SOLUTION: The imaging apparatus comprises: a circular plate member in which are arranged a plurality of optical filters that are inserted in the optical path of optical system of the imaging apparatus; a filter structure for switching the plurality of optical filters by rotating the circular plate member; and rotational drive means for driving the rotation of the circular plate member. The plurality of optical filters are arranged on the same surface side of the circular plate member, and each of the plurality of optical filters is arranged perpendicular to the optical axis of the optical system parallel to the revolving shaft of the circular plate member and by being rotated by the same angle around the diametrical axis of the circular plate member, the plurality of optical filters being stacked in part one on top of another in projection in the optical axis direction.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 7

矢野 宏
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April 11, 2019
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September 22, 2017
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G03B11/00; G03B17/14
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高梨 幸雄

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