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Japanese Patent JP2019080192
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To suppress the occurrence of overexposure and underexposure as much as possible and increase the number of acquired images per unit time for a subject with large contrast.SOLUTION: An imaging method includes an irradiation step of irradiating a subject with a mixed light set such that the intensity of a second wavelength band corresponding to a second filter having a second transmission wavelength characteristic different from a first transmission wavelength characteristic is higher than the intensity of a first wavelength band corresponding to a first filter having the first transmission wavelength characteristic from among optical filters respectively disposed in a plurality of pixels constituting an imaging element of an imaging device, an imaging step of imaging the subject irradiated with the mixed light by the imaging element, and a generation step of generating image data by performing HDR combining of first layer image data generated on the basis of an output signal of a pixel where the first filter is disposed and second layer image data generated on the basis of an output signal of a pixel where the second filter is arranged in the image data of the subject output by the imaging element.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 8

座間 一浩
野見山 太輔
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May 23, 2019
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October 25, 2017
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H04N5/235; G03B7/091; G03B11/00; G03B15/00; G03B15/02; H04N5/232
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家入 健