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Japanese Patent JPH05208334
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PURPOSE: To freely set increased feed ratio without anlarging the construction making it unstable.

CONSTITUTION: A supporting member 12 movable on a base by means of a drive mechanism 13 is provided. The center of a pair of discs 15, 16 are fixed to a common shaft 14 rotatably supported with the supporting member 12. A rack 17 as an engaging member fixed on the base 11 is engged with the one disc 16 (e.g. gear). A disc 19 making a pair of the disc 15 (e.g. sprocket) is provided in the moving direction of the supporting member 12. A movable member 18 such as a chain is engaged between the discs 15, 19. A pin P engaging with an objective moving member is provided on the movable member 18. When the supporting member 12 is driven by the drive mechanism 13 so as to be moved by distance L, the pin P on the movable member 18 is moved more by distance corresponding to radius ratio R/r of a pair of discs 15, 16.

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Doi, Shigeyuki
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Publication Date:
August 20, 1993
Filing Date:
January 29, 1992
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International Classes:
B23Q5/34; B23Q5/38; F16H19/04; F16H37/12; (IPC1-7): B23Q5/34; F16H19/04; F16H37/12
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菅原 一郎