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Japanese Patent JP2019043907
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To provide an industrial bactericidal composition processed for the purpose of preservation and disinfection of propagation of bacteria, molds, yeast or the like which cause deterioration of quality, occurrence of malodor or the like in a chemical agent for papermaking in the paper and pulp industry, industrial water in various industries and many industrial products.SOLUTION: There is provided an industrial bactericidal composition which is a composition comprising a glyoxime compound represented by the following formula, 3,3,4,4-tetrachlorotetrahydrothiophene-1,1-dioxide and a halogenated aliphatic nitro alcohol based compound, can suppress the decomposition of the glyoxime compound, 3,3,4,4-tetrachlorotetrahydrothiophene-1,1-dioxide and the halogenated aliphatic nitro alcohol based compound by incorporating an epoxidized vegetable oil, exhibits a broad efficacy spectrum over a long period of time, can disinfect microorganisms before they acquire tolerance and is advantageous for storage in the distribution process and at the use site because of having long-term excellent stability.SELECTED DRAWING: None

川村 泰史
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March 22, 2019
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September 05, 2017
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A01N25/02; A01N33/20; A01N37/52; A01N43/10; A01P3/00

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