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Japanese Patent JP2009299640
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To prevent a start failure and an engine trouble caused by a defective air-fuel ratio caused by hardening and an increase of viscosity at a low temperature of a plasticizer and oil adhering on a surface of an injector seat.

In this injector, a flow rate adjusting screw 4 is disposed at the center of a coil holder 3 holding an electromagnetic coil 1 and disposed in an outer case 2, an injector valve element 6 is disposed at a lower end via a spring body 5 in an axial direction so as to be reciprocative, the injector valve element is moved up and down by turning the electromagnetic coil 1 on and off based on a command from an ECU via a lead wire connected to a connector 7, the injector valve element 6 is seated on and separated from an injector seat 11 of a valve seat 10 held by a valve seat holder 9 including a fuel path hole 8 oppositely disposed at a lower side, and fuel sent from a fuel inlet 12 is sent to the fuel path hole 8 intermittently at a prescribed interval. An electric heater 13 is provided at the valve seat 6.

Kawayoko, Koji
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Publication Date:
December 24, 2009
Filing Date:
June 17, 2008
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International Classes:
F02M53/04; F02M47/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
橋本 克彦
橋本 京子