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Japanese Patent JP2008063983
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To provide an insulator capable of simplifying a communicating structure and realizing space saving around an engine.

A housing part 5 is integrally molded and provided on a lower part of a heat insulating part 20. A part of a housing 64 of an accelerating pump 6 is constituted on this housing part 5. Consequently, it is possible to arrange the accelerating pump 6 in the circumference of the insulator 2 which used to be conventionally a dead space and to realize the space saving by eliminating a setting space dedicated to the accelerating pump. Additionally, it is possible to reduce length of piping and to simplify the communicating structure even in using the piping to communicate an insulator leading air passage 21 and the accelerating pump 6 to each other as the accelerating pump 6 is immediately arranged around the heat insulating part 20. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the number of parts, to reduce cost and to facilitate assembly of the accelerating pump 6 as the housing part 5 is integrally formed with the heat insulating part 20.

Ono, Ryo
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March 21, 2008
Filing Date:
September 06, 2006
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F02M7/08; F02M17/34; F02M35/10
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