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Japanese Patent JPH06108937
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PURPOSE: To reduce the height of an intake manifold by arranging a plurality of intake passages offset with respect to and parallel to the direction of a crankshaft and providing means for forming small outlet openings in the direction parallel to the direction of the crankshaft and large outlet openings in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the crankshaft.

CONSTITUTION: An internal combustion engine 10 receives a crankshaft 22 in a crankcase 18 mounted on an engine block 14, and an intake manifold 26 and a carburetor unit 30 are sequentially mounted in the crankcase 18. The carburetor unit 30 has a plurality of carburetor assemblies 54 consisting of a plurality of groups 58, 62 for supplying a fuel and air mixture to combustion chambers 34. The carburetor assembly 54 has a throttle hole 70 disposed on a front opening portion 50 of an intake manifold 26. Throttle shaft portions 98, 100 are in alignment with the crankshaft 22 and parallel to the rotational axis 38 thereof. A passage 102 for a fuel and air mixture extends from the front opening portion 50 to a rear opening 46 of an intake manifold 26.

Taipale, Dale L.
Baltz, Gene F.
Billingsley, Henry C.
Dubois, Chester G.
Hartke, David J.
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Publication Date:
April 19, 1994
Filing Date:
August 05, 1992
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F02B67/00; F02D9/02; F02D9/10; F02M7/00; F02M13/02; F02M35/10; F02M35/104; (IPC1-7): F02M35/10; F02B67/00
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湯浅 恭三 (外5名)