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Japanese Patent JP2000303986
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To provide an integral motor pump integrating an electric motor with a pump shaped up in a compact form while its cooling performance is being made excellent.

A stator 10 over the core 32 of which a coil 34 is wound, is sealed in fluid sealing relation so as to be formed into a hollow cylindrical sealed stator 44. A stepped hollow cylindrical shape is integrally formed with the sealed rotor 44, and a pump case 16 having both an intake flange 50 and a discharge flange 52 provided for both the end parts of the case, is formed up. A rotor 12 in a hollow cylindrical shape equipped with a permanent magnet 68 is coaxially disposed in the inside of the large diameter center part of the pump case 16. The roter 12 is rotatably supported by the pump case 16 by way of a radial thrust bearing 74 acting as a plain bearing. Communication holes 90 and 92 are formed both the end parts of the rotor 12, a gap between the rotor 12 and the pump case is made to be circulating gap 93 for letting fluid be circulated from the discharge side to the intake side. Rotating vanes 18 are fixed to the rotor 12, guiding vanes 20 are fixed to a stationary shaft 84 supported by the pump case 16, and a return passage 22 is formed between both the vanes.

Hayashi, Hideo
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October 31, 2000
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April 20, 1999
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F04D3/00; F04D13/06; F04D29/58; H02K7/14; (IPC1-7): F04D13/06; F04D3/00; F04D29/58; H02K7/14
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神戸 典和 (外3名)