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Japanese Patent JP2011226455
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To provide an internal combustion engine enabling complete combustion of a combustion condition by inputting oxygen gas and hydrogen gas obtained by vaporizing water droplets to the inside of a cylinder of the internal combustion engine and eliminating the necessity of organic substances such as gasoline.

The internal combustion engine includes: the cylinder in which a combustion chamber with variable volume is defined and formed by storing a piston inside so as to enable reciprocation; a fuel-supplying unit supplying fuel to inside of the combustion chamber of the cylinder via an intake pipe; and a water droplet supply unit supplying gas comprising oxygen and hydrogen obtained by vaporizing the water droplets to the combustion chamber. In the water droplet supply unit, a water droplet pipe is mounted to the outer periphery of the cylinder, an insulation heater is fitted to cover the mounted water droplet pipe, and a rear end side of the water droplet pipe is coupled to the intake pipe. The water droplets within the water droplet pipe are vaporized to oxygen and hydrogen gases by application of heat from the insulation heater or the cylinder, and the vaporized oxygen is supplied to the combustion chamber to accelerate combustion.

Ichikawa, Masahide
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Publication Date:
November 10, 2011
Filing Date:
April 16, 2010
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International Classes:
F02M25/032; F02B47/02; F02M25/022