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Japanese Patent JPS59155469
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PURPOSE: To provide the titled compsn. which gives a coating having a strength and voluminousness similar the those of natural Japanese lacquer, by using a polymer formed by binding cashew nut shell oil through methylene linkages as a principal ingredient and incorporating various components corresponding to the constituents of natural Japanese lacquer therein.

CONSTITUTION: 25W30pts.wt. 20% aq. soln. of pullulan which has an MW of 100,000W300,000 and is a noncrystalline, easily water-soluble high-molecular polysaccharide prepd. by a microorganism fermentation process using starch as a starting material, and 10W15pts.wt. 10% aq. soln. of protein polypeptide having an MW of 1,000W5,000 obtd. by enzymatically decomposing gelatin are dispersed in 100pts.wt. component mainly composed of a polymer formed by binding cashew nut shell oil through methylene linkages to provide an emulsion. Further, 2W5pts.wt. metallic soap of octylic or naphthenic acid is added to the emulsion to provide the desired Japanese lacquer-like paint compsn. This paint compsn. can give a coating film having a film strength and voluminousness similar to those of natural Japanese lacquer, and it is not necessary to cure the coating film under high humidity conditions as in Japanese lacquer so that said compsn. is advantageous from the viewpoint of coating operation.

Kumanotani, Jiyuu
Nagase, Kisuke
Iwatsuki, Hidefumi
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Publication Date:
September 04, 1984
Filing Date:
February 25, 1983
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C08L91/00; C08L93/00; C08L101/16; C09D105/00; C09D189/00; C09D191/00; C09D193/00; (IPC1-7): C09D3/02; C09D3/10; C09D3/26