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Japanese Patent JP2019182470
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To provide a simply structured jet pump that enables a content to be replaced without contact of a pipe of the jet pump with a floor or the like.SOLUTION: A jet pump 10 comprises: a pipe that is detachable from the upper part of a container body for housing a content and inserted into the opening of the upper part of the container body; and a pump mechanism 12 that is provided to the upper end of the pipe for sucking up the content from the pipe. The pump mechanism 12 has a projected part 14 that can be retractable from the pump mechanism 12 thereon. The jet pump 10 is configured such that the upper end 13a and the projected part 14 of the pump mechanism 12 stand alone in contact with an optional surface G when the upper end 13a of the pump mechanism 12 is inverted on the surface G toward a vertical direction in a state where the projected part 14 is projected with respect to the pump mechanism 12.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

前田 卓哉
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October 24, 2019
Filing Date:
April 06, 2018
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International Classes:
B65D47/34; B65D83/00
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特許業務法人 山王坂特許事務所

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