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Japanese Patent JP3212064
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PURPOSE: To provide a KARAOKE system capable of making different kinds of KARAOKE devices coexist without letting an operator recognizes the difference in the kinds of device in a centralized control system constitution and excellent in expendability.
CONSTITUTION: The music numbers, which are inputted from a reservation machine 11 of each box BX1, BX2,... and are corresponding to the common code systems that are independent of the kinds of KARAOKE devices, are converted to the music numbers corresponding to the specific code numbers of each device in code conversion processing sections 121 to 123, 131, 132, 141 and 142 before the numbers are supplied to different kinds of KARAOKE device groups 21 to 23, 31, 32, 41 and 42 provided in a centralized control room. Thus, the operator does not recognize the differences in the kinds of the devices and the system is constructed so that different kinds of KARAOKE devices coexist.

Yoshika, Hiroshi
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Publication Date:
July 19, 2001
Filing Date:
May 10, 1995
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International Classes:
G10K15/04; (IPC1-7): G10K15/04
Other References:
カラオケビジネス No.16、1995年1月31日発行、P.82
カラオケビジネス No.17、1995年4月30日発行、P.76,77
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川▲崎▼ 研二 (外1名)