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Japanese Patent JPH0583394
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PURPOSE: To call an abbreviated dial number stored in a key telephone main system out from a single telephone set connected to the extension and to enable transmission to a trunk line.

CONSTITUTION: The key telephone system is provided with the key telephone main system 12 having a memory storing dial numbers corresponding to each abbreviated number and an abbreviated dial outgoing function outgoing the selectively controlled dial numbers stored in this memory to the trunk line, single telephone sets 11a, 11b,...sending the inputted dial number to the key telephone main system 12 by an MF signal, MF signal reception means 21a, 21b,...provided on the key telephone main system 12 decoding the MF signal received from the single telephone sets 11a, 11b,...to number information, and a control means 16 receiving the number information decoded by the MF signal reception means 21, 21b,...and activating the abbreviated dial outgoing function of the key telephone main system 12 when the number information coincides with the prescribed abbreviated number.

Sumi, Kazuhiro
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Publication Date:
April 02, 1993
Filing Date:
September 18, 1991
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International Classes:
H04M3/44; H04Q3/58; (IPC1-7): H04M3/44; H04Q3/58
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佐藤 一雄 (外3名)