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Japanese Patent JPH09254037
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To enable grinding in a part other than a tip face by orienting an inorganic long fiber in which thermosetting resin is impregnated with an angle so that an end face of the fiber appears on flat faces on a surface and a rear surface and the tip face of a molded body molded like a flat plate.

Sheetlike objects which are a binder which solidifies an inorganic long fiber 1 selected from among a group of glass, alumina, boron fiber and silicon carbide fiber which are pulled and arranged in one direction and in which thermosetting resin which is also a constituent material of matrix of a lapping material is impregnated are accumulated on the inorganic long fibers 1 in layer to thermoset them so as to obtain a block. This block is cut into slices in the shape of a flat plate by giving an angle for the direction of fiber so that a thick side of the block becomes flat face 2a, 2b side of a stick to be ground which is cut out. Consequently, an end face 1a of the inorganic long fiber 1 appears on the flat faces 2a, 2b on a surface and a rear surface and a tip face 2c of a molded body 2 like a flat plate, and grinding not only on the tip face 2c but also in the flat parts 2a, 2b becomes possible.

Sumiyoshi, Takehiko
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September 30, 1997
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March 18, 1996
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B24D3/00; B24D3/28; B24D15/02; (IPC1-7): B24D3/00; B24D3/28; B24D15/02
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清水 善▲廣▼