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Japanese Patent JPH10325684
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To obtain a lateral cylindrical fluidized bed furnace comprising a plurality of chambers in which the capacity can be enhanced easily while reducing the overall height and multistage arrangement can be attained through simple extension of required number of cylinders in the lateral direction by providing each chamber individually with a reaction gas supply port.

The lateral cylindrical fluidized bed furnace 1 coupled, to the side faces thereof, with a material supply duct 1a and a product discharge duct 1b comprising first and second chambers 2, 3. The first chamber 2 is partitioned by a partitioner 4 into a plurality of sections 2a-2f while the second chamber 3 is partitioned by the partitioner 4 into a plurality of sections 3a-3f. Furthermore, a reaction gas supply port 5 and a reaction gas discharge port 6 are provided. Reaction gas being fed from time bottom part of a cylinder is introduced from a wind box 7 at the inner lower part of the cylinder through a gas diffuser 8 having multiple openings for conducting the gas to a fluidized bed 9 and discharged from the top of the cylinder through a tree board 10. A circulation passage is formed from the discharge port 6 at the top of the cylinder through a duct 11, a cyclon 12 and a duct 13 to the fluidized bed 9 and the partitioners 4 are conducted through conduction holes 14.

Miyashita, Torakatsu
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Publication Date:
December 08, 1998
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February 09, 1998
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C21B13/00; F27B15/10; (IPC1-7): F27B15/10; C21B13/00
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角田 嘉宏 (外5名)