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Japanese Patent JPH05155276
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PURPOSE: To perform fixed running and compact a unit by providing a ROM which provide specified information and a RAM which store and renew informa tion to a main CPU which decides control gain according to the signal from a running state detecting means and learns, and providing an auxiliary CPU to a running property control unit.

CONSTITUTION: Signals from a position detecting sensor 18, detecting means 40 to 47 such as a car speed sensor 43 relating to running state are input in a ROM 51 storing a specified program in itself and a main computer unit 50 accessible to a RAM 52 whose program is reloadable. The control gain decided by this main computer unit 50 is given to the running property control unit of an engine controller 3 through an auxiliary CPU3a to control its movement, and the control gain can be changed, and deletion switches 35a and 35b are provided. Therefore, the unit can be compacted, making it possible to perform a fixed running even if the main computer unit 50 is broken and to effectively utilize accumulated learning result.

Shibata, Mineharu
Akita, Tatsuya
Takehara, Shin
Omura, Hiroshi
Sakamoto, Kiyoshi
Hirabayashi, Shigefumi
Miyamoto, Seiji
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Publication Date:
June 22, 1993
Filing Date:
December 05, 1991
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International Classes:
B60W10/00; B60G17/00; B60T8/00; B60W10/04; B62D5/00; F16H61/00; G05B13/02; G05D1/02; (IPC1-7): B60K41/00; G05B13/02; G05D1/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
中村 稔 (外8名)

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