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Japanese Patent JP2013222701
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To arrange a plurality of lamps by making a base itself of the lamp with an LED board into a shape capable of obtaining high heat radiation efficiency.

A long base is formed with a material excellent in heat conduction and heat radiation, a cross-section shape of the base is made into a fan shape having a concave groove headed from an inner edge toward the center, and a board mounting a large number of LEDs is fitted on the outside surface of the base extending along a length direction. The LEDs and the board are covered with a protection cover formed of a material transmitting light, the protective cover and both upper and lower end faces of the base are closed with an upper end piece and a lower end piece and a synthetic resin for transmitting light is filled in the protective cover. The other outside surface of the base excluding the protection cover is covered with an anticorrosive film and the both end pieces are fastened by a fixing shaft inserted into the concave groove.

Shin, Yasuo
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Publication Date:
October 28, 2013
Filing Date:
April 17, 2012
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International Classes:
F21S2/00; F21V23/06; F21V25/00; F21V29/00; F21Y101/02
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中島 昇