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Japanese Patent JPH1052304
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To make a light emitting umbrealla conspicuous at dark time and bad visibility time such as nighttime by running plural optical fibers along respective ribs by branching them off by taking them outside from a shaft in an upper part of the shaft, fixing edge parts of these respective optical fibers to tip parts of the respective ribs, and arranging transparent bulbs to diverge the light of a light emitting body transmitted to the respective edge parts of these optical fibers.

A battery 6, a light emitting body 8 and an externally operable switch 7 to open and close an electric circuit are arrange inside a hollow handle 1 of an umbrella. One edge parts 10A of plural optical fibers 9 are bundled together, and are fixed to a lower end part in a hollow shaft 2 of the umbrella in an upper position of this light emitting body 8, and are formed so that the light irradiated from the light emitting body 8 is transmitted after being made incident from one edge part 10A of the optical fibers 9. These plural optical fibers 9 are run along respective ribs 3 through inside of the hollow shaft 2 by branching them off by taking them outside from the shaft 2 in an upper part of the shaft 2, and are extended up to tip parts of the respective ribs 3, and the other respective edge parts 10B of the respective optical fibers 9 are fixed. Transparent bulbs 12 to diverge the transmitted light are arranged in the edge parts 10B of these optical fibers 9.

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Publication Date:
February 24, 1998
Filing Date:
August 09, 1996
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International Classes:
A45B3/04; (IPC1-7): A45B3/04