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Japanese Patent JP2018139185
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lighting device which enables electric connection work between an inner connector and an external connector to be easily performed and can make assembly work easy.SOLUTION: A lighting device 10 includes: an elongated substrate 31; a light emitting part which is disposed closer to one end part as seen in a width direction than a center line of the substrate 31 as seen in the width direction; inner connectors 34, 35 which are disposed closer to the other end part as seen in the width direction than the center line of the substrate 31 as seen in the width direction; an elongated cylindrical housing 12 which houses the substrate 31; lid members 14a, 14b which are respectively fixed to longitudinal end parts of the housing 12 and provided with external connectors 18, 20; and lead wires 36, 37 electrically connecting the internal connectors 34, 35 with the external connectors 18, 20. The internal connectors 34, 35 are exposed from the housing 12 in a state where the substrate 31 is housed in the housing 12.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 9

平野 晶裕
関 勝志
深野 智
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September 06, 2018
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February 24, 2017
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F21S2/00; F21V15/01; F21V23/06
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