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Japanese Patent JP2018107027
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To suppress occurrence of shadow due to a wireless communication module while maintaining wireless communication performance.SOLUTION: A lighting fixture includes: a fixture body 10 having a placing surface 13 on which a light emission module 20 is placed; and a wireless communication module 100 receiving control signals for controlling the light emission module 20 by performing wireless communication. The wireless communication module 100 includes: a substrate 110 placed in a posture intersecting with the placing surface 13; a transmission/reception part 120 mounted on an exposed part 111 as a part of the substrate 110 exposed to a light-emitting side from the placing surface 13 to receive the control signals; and a resin case 130 covering the transmission/reception part 120 and the exposed part 111. The resin case 130 has an outer shape roundish at its part along the outer periphery of the exposed part 111.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6

秋月 徹人
密島 康一
上本 泰生
石原 美香
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Publication Date:
July 05, 2018
Filing Date:
December 27, 2016
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International Classes:
F21V23/04; F21S8/04; F21V15/01
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
新居 広守
寺谷 英作
道坂 伸一

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