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Japanese Patent JP2019056363
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To provide a hydraulic power generator capable of utilizing crossflow water power in a river with less drop, to enable a facility of a desired size for an arbitrary space.SOLUTION: A linear hydraulic power generator 100 has a flowing water channel 10 with a gradient, a plurality of water turbines 20 arranged in the flowing water channel 10, and a dynamo 30 driven by the water turbines 20. The water turbine 20 has a rotational shaft 21, and a plurality of buckets 23 arranged in a circumferential direction of the rotational shaft 21. A water depth D10 of the flowing water channel 10 is equal to or more than two times of a water depth D20 to which the bucket 23 is immersed into flowing water. The water depth D10 is two times larger than the water depth D20 in order for the bucket 23 to cancel water flow obstruction resistance of the bucket 23 by making it two times of a water amount required for operation (an amount of water passing through the flowing water channel). When an amount of water flowing in a river is small, a lateral width of the flowing water channel 10 is enlarged to compensate a flow rate equivalent to deficiency of flowing water power in the river.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2A

後閑 始
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April 11, 2019
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March 12, 2018
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後閑 始
International Classes:
F03B1/02; F03B7/00
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杉村 憲司
杉村 光嗣
齋藤 恭一
坂本 晃太郎