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Japanese Patent JPH02303343
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PURPOSE: To obtain straight forward movement by means of the title motor only by providing a nut section to be engaged with a fixed screw shaft on the inside wall of a rotor which is freely rotatable against the screw shaft.

CONSTITUTION: A nut section 3, with which a screw shaft 1 can be engaged freely, is formed on the inside wall of the central hole 10 of the larger-diameter section W of a rotor 2. The end section of the screw shaft 1 is mounted on the central part of a fixing plate 8 fixed to one end face of a stator 5 in an un-rotatable state. The smaller-diameter section N and larger-diameter section W of the rotor 2 are previously set to required lengths by taking the moving distance of the rotor 2 in the thrust direction into account. When this motor is operated and the rotor 2 rotates, the nut section 3 provided in the central hole section 10 is engaged with the shaft 1. However, since the shaft 1 is fixed to the fixing plate 8 in the un-rotatable state, the rotor moved forward as it rotates while it is supported by the shaft 1. Therefore, straight forward movement can be obtained with this motor only.

Okabe, Tadashi
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Publication Date:
December 17, 1990
Filing Date:
May 17, 1989
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H02K7/06; (IPC1-7): H02K7/06