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Japanese Patent JPH07133841
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PURPOSE: To prevent oscillation in intermediate and high frequency ranges and impact oscillation in a wide frequency band range by fastening an elastic body free to deform microscopically by resistance of a damping liquid in the case when a damper plate is oscillated vertically on upper and lower surfaces of the damper plate.

CONSTITUTION: An elastic body 24 like a closed cell urethane foam is fastened on the periphery of a damper plate 23, and the elastic body 24 has hardness to deform microscopically by (a) by resistance of a high damping liquid 21 in the case when the damper plate 23 is oscillated vertically in a liquid sealed chamber 20. When a guide shaft 14 is vertically oscillated by external force, in intermediate and high frequency territories amplitude of which is ±(a) or less, the damper plate 23 is not influenced by the high damping liquid 21, and an excellent oscillationproofing property can be provided by a mount rubber 17. In a low frequency territory where amplitude of oscillation exceeds ±(a) like impact oscillation, movements of the damper plate 23 and the elastic body 24 become integral, damping force by the high damping liquid 21 works on the damper plate 23 and it is not oscillated in company. Consequently, it is possible to obtain lowering of oscillation, lowering of noise and damping at the time of travelling on a bad road, etc.

Nakada, Kuniaki
Hiraki, Hikosaburo
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Publication Date:
May 23, 1995
Filing Date:
February 25, 1994
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B62D27/04; F16F13/08; F16F13/12; F16F13/14; F16F13/16; (IPC1-7): F16F13/08; B62D24/02
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浜本 忠 (外1名)