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Japanese Patent JP2008120908
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To provide a lubricating oil composition capable of suppressing abrasion due to soot mixing which becomes remarkable when the content of a phosphorus compound such as ZnDTP (a zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) is reduced and suitable for diesel engine oil or direct injecting gasoline engine oil achieving a longer life such as performances of maintaining base number and mitigating effects on an exhaust gas post-processing device.

The lubricating oil composition is characterized in that the composition comprises (A) a viscosity index improver having 1-50 PSSI (permanent shear stability index) based on the total amounts of the composition in a lubricating base oil. (A) The viscosity index improver comprises (A1) a polymethacrylate-based viscosity index improver having a polar group in an amount of 0.1-20 mass% based on the total amount of the composition, (B) a phosphorus-containing abrasion inhibitor in an amount of 0.01-0.09 mass% in terms of the amount of phosphorus based on the total amount of the composition, (C) a salicylate-based cleaner in an amount of 0.01-1 mass% in terms of the amount of a metal based on the total amount of the composition and (D) an organomolybdenum compound in an amount of 0.001-0.2 mass% in terms of the amount of molybdenum (Mo) based on the total amount of the composition. The sulfur content in the composition is 0.3 mass%.

Matsui, Shigeki
Hoshino, Koji
Takeshima, Shigeki
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May 29, 2008
Filing Date:
November 10, 2006
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C10M169/04; C10M101/02; C10M105/04; C10M105/06; C10M105/18; C10M105/36; C10M105/38; C10M107/02; C10M107/06; C10M107/08; C10M107/10; C10M129/26; C10M129/54; C10M133/20; C10M135/04; C10M135/06; C10M135/18; C10M137/02; C10M137/04; C10M137/06; C10M137/08; C10M137/10; C10M139/00; C10M145/14; C10M149/04; C10M149/06; C10M149/10; C10M159/12; C10M159/18; C10M159/22; C10N10/12; C10N20/00; C10N30/00; C10N30/06; C10N40/25
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