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Japanese Patent JP2010261046
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To provide a lubricating oil composition that enhances lubricating performance in a diesel engine equipped with an exhausted gas recirculation (EGR) apparatus.

The lubricating oil composition includes a large amount of an oil having a lubricating viscosity, a small amount of at least one high-molecular weight polymer comprising (i) a copolymer of a hydrogenated polymer of a monovinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and a conjugated diene polymer where the portion of the hydrogenated polymer of the monovinyl aromatic hydrocarbon accounts for at least 20 mass% of the copolymer, (ii) an olefin copolymer bearing an alkyl or aryl amine or amide group, a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic group or an ester bond and/or (iii) a derivative of an acrylate or alkyl acrylate copolymer bearing a dispersant group, and a small amount of at least one neutral and/or overbasic metal-containing cleaning agent selected from among a phenate/salicylate mixed cleaning agent, a phenate cleaning agent containing no sulfur and a mixture thereof.

Ritchie, Andrew J. D.
Bansal, Jai G.
Emert, Jacob
Fetterman, Glen P.
Gutierrez, Antonio
Irving, Matthew D.
Locke, Christopher J.
Minotti, Michael T.
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Publication Date:
November 18, 2010
Filing Date:
July 07, 2010
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C10M169/04; F02M25/07; C10L1/08; C10L10/08; C10L10/18; C10M101/02; C10M127/02; C10M129/10; C10M129/48; C10M129/54; C10M129/92; C10M129/95; C10M131/06; C10M133/04; C10M133/12; C10M133/16; C10M133/48; C10M133/56; C10M135/08; C10M135/28; C10M141/06; C10M143/12; C10M145/14; C10M149/02; C10M149/04; C10M149/06; C10M149/10; C10M159/16; C10M159/22; C10M161/00; C10M163/00; C10M165/00; C10M167/00; C10N10/02; C10N10/04; C10N20/00; C10N30/06; C10N40/25
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