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Japanese Patent JP2019007578
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To provide a lubrication structure of a piston support part capable of preventing seizure between a piston, a piston pin and a connecting rod.SOLUTION: A lubrication structure of a piston support part slidably supports a piston 2 at a small end part 4a of a connecting rod 4 through a piston pin 3, wherein the piston pin has both end parts rotatably pivoted by a pin boss part 7 formed on a rear face of the piston 2. The piston pin 3 is formed of a circular pipe to make a penetration portion into a storage space 9. An inner pin 10 is stored in the storage space 9, wherein the inner pin is formed into a columnar shape whose diameter is smaller than an inner diameter of the storage space 9. Openings at both end parts of the storage space 9 are sealed by plugs 11, 12 (lid body). In a pivot region formed by the pin boss part 7 and the small end part 4a of the connecting rod 4 in the piston pin 3, an oil hole 13 is bored so as to communicate between the inside and outside of the storage space 9 in a radial direction. The inner pin 10 may roll while being pushed against an inner peripheral surface of the piston pin 3 by inertial force in the vicinities of a top dead center and bottom dead center.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

大原 創
永吉 学
臼井 正一朗
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January 17, 2019
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June 27, 2017
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F16C9/04; F01M1/06; F02F3/00; F16C7/02; F16J1/08; F16J1/16
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