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Japanese Patent JP2627860
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PURPOSE: To provide a lug which is constituted such that, in constitution of a frame responding to an individual physical feature, even when the angle of a joint between a head lug and a frame pipe protruded from the lug is changed, coping with a situation is effected only through cutting of the joint to provide a necessary angle.
CONSTITUTION: A joint 3 between a lug 1 for a bicycle and a frame pipe comprises a cylinder part 4 having diameter larger than the inside diameter of the frame pipe; a base part 6 having an outside diameter larger than that of the cylinder part 4; and a stepped part 5 through which the base part 6, the cylinder part 4, and the base part 6 are interconnected. The inside of the cylinder part 4 is formed in a conical shape 8 in which an inside diameter is gradually decreased toward a deep part. Simultaneously with formation of a joining hole through which the frame pipe is inserted from the stepped part 5 toward the base part 6, a cutting work is applied on the cylinder part 4 so that the size thereof is caused to coincide with the inside diameter of the frame pipe.

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Miyata, Yoshifumi
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Publication Date:
July 09, 1997
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August 27, 1993
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B62K19/18; (IPC1-7): B62K19/18