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Japanese Patent JP2011158021
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To provide a magnetic levitation device in which a length of an air gap between a magnet unit and a levitating body is set large, and which reduces power consumption and prevents a position of the levitating body to disturbance in various directions from changing.

The magnet units 22 comprising an electromagnet and a permanent magnet are attached to a magnet attaching part 28 such that the units are placed opposite to each other, and the magnet attaching part 28 can move with respect to one axis through a suspension 30. In addition, an electromagnetic force based on a zero power control acts on an iron circular ring 48 from the magnet unit 22 with a controller 46, and the levitating body 11 is magnetically-levitated by the electromagnetic force. Thus, a position change and increase of the power consumption required to a non-contact support of the levitating body 11 with respect to external force can be prevented.

Morishita, Akihira
Ito, Hiroaki
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Publication Date:
August 18, 2011
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January 29, 2010
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F16C32/04; H02K7/09; H02K41/02
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堀口 浩