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Japanese Patent JPH0415673
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PURPOSE: To carry magnetic powder without using a rotating mechanism by laying plural conductors in parallel along a specified path in the width direction of the path, coating the conductors with a jacket member consisting of a non-magnetic material and conducting alternating currents whose phases are shifted by proper amount to the juxtaposed conductors in arranging order.

CONSTITUTION: The conductor parts 4 are divided into proper number of sets where there are the same even-number of conductor parts, and the respective sets of conductor parts 4 are equally dispersed and arranged around a supporting body 3. Namely, in the case that the conductor parts are divided into (m) sets, the respective sets of conductor parts 4 are arranged in alternate (m-1) lines. As to the traveling direction of the conductor part 4 of each set, the traveling direction of the conductor L is reverse between to odd-numbered set of conductor parts 4 and the even-numbered set of conductor parts 4, so that the conductor parts 4A and 4B which belong to different sets are arranged to travel in the same direction in a state where they are arranged in two lines. By conducting the alternating currents of (m) kinds [(m) phases] whose phases are shifted by π/m to the (m) sets of the conductor parts 4 in arranging order, progressive wave magnetic field which progresses in the direction of C is formed. Thus, the magnetic powder is carried without providing the mechanical rotating mecha nism.

Takeuchi, Eiichi
Shimizu, Shigeru
Yamamoto, Tadao
Inoue, Hideaki
Sato, Yasuto
Nakayama, Kenji
Takahashi, Hideki
Honda, Toshiro
Asako, Kenichiro
Application Number:
Publication Date:
January 21, 1992
Filing Date:
May 09, 1990
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International Classes:
G03G15/09; B65G54/02; H02K44/02; (IPC1-7): G03G15/09