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Japanese Patent JPS63143717
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PURPOSE: To prevent an evaporation of Cr from a Ni-Cr material of a substrate metal and make a long life of an emission capability by covering the substrate metal of a Ni material and the Ni-Cr material by a cathode sleeve.

CONSTITUTION: A substrate metal is manufactured by punching a clad material of a Ni material and a Ni+Cr material including a reducing agent on a 1.8 mm disc by pressing. After the substrate metal is put in a mobile vessel 1 and is made to be moved to a position of an electromagnet 2, the Ni side of the substrate metal 4 sticks to the electromagnet 2 by an operation of the electromagnet 2. The substrate metal 4 is placed on a straight going mobile vessel 6 with the Ni side of the substrate metal 4 placed in the down direction after the substrate metal 4 is applied a demagnetization process by a transfer jig 5 using vacuum and magnetism magnetized to the substrate metal is demagnetized. Then the substrate metal is placed on a cathode sleeve 7, pressed into by a punch or a press, the substrate 4 and the cathode sleeve are welded from the arrow 8 direction, a strap 9 and a holder 10 is combined, an emitter 11 is applied, and thereby a cathode assembly body is made.

Sugawara, Kazunori
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June 16, 1988
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December 04, 1986
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H01J9/04; (IPC1-7): H01J9/04