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Japanese Patent JPH11300447
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To integrally form an inversely tapered specially shaped gear by means of forging and to dispense with an assembly operation for the integration by forming tooth forms around the small diameter part, bending the periphery of the large diameter part toward the small diameter part, and forming a wall part concentrically surrounding the small diameter part.

A base material is set in a first die in the manner that the small diameter part comes down, and pushed in by a vertical punch. By retreating the punch upward and pushing up the ejector, a primary formed product 10 with clutch spline tooth forms 9 made is released from the first die. With the primary formed product 10 pushed into a second die 11 by a second punch 12, the outer circumferential part of the large diameter part is bent vertically to the side opposite from the push-in direction, forming a wall part 15 circumferentially with the bent part. As a result, a secondary formed product 16 can be obtained which is formed with the clutch spline tooth forms 9 on the inner wall of the groove surrounded with the wall part 15.

Okada, Tomoyoshi
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Publication Date:
November 02, 1999
Filing Date:
April 20, 1998
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International Classes:
B21D5/01; B21J5/12; B21K1/30; (IPC1-7): B21K1/30; B21D5/01; B21J5/12
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石田 喜樹