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Japanese Patent JPH04148521
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PURPOSE: To obtain a heat-resistant insulated coil whose insulation is not deteriorated by a heat cycle and which can be used at high voltages by a method wherein a tape which is composed of an inorganic polymer or an inorganic paint, which has been stripped by using an adhesive and in which a reinforcement material has beed pasted on mica is wound on a conductor and this assembly is baked.

CONSTITUTION: For example, a conductor 1 formed by winding a mica tape 3, formed by pasting a small amount of silicone on a silica cloth and on a soft inorganic baked and collected mica sheet, on a flat-type wire composed of nickel-plated alumina dispersed and strengthened copper 2 is molded by using an inorganic adhesive such as an alkylsilicate-based inorganic silicone, alumina or the like containing an inorganic filler. A mica tape 5 in which an alumina woven cloth has been stripped, which has been backed and reinforced and which has been coated with an inorganic polymer containing an inorganic filler, with a borosiloxane- based resin paint containing an inorganic filler and with a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is wound on it while an inorganic polymer containing an inorganic filler is being coated. A polytetrafluoroethylene tape for mold-releasing use is wound on its outside; an iron sheet is attached; after that, a thermally shrinkable polyester tape is wound, heated and hardened; after that, said tape for mold-releasing use and the like are removed; this coil is baked in the air at 300°C for 8 hours and at 600°C for 8 hours.

Mitsui, Hisayasu
Kumazawa, Ryoji
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May 21, 1992
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October 12, 1990
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H01F27/28; H01B13/06; H01F41/12; H02K44/02; (IPC1-7): H01B13/06; H01F27/28; H01F41/12
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