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Japanese Patent JP11047862
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To reduce a manufacturing cost and to enable the manufacture of a metallic tool having large diameter of a head part by forming a cylindrical socket part at the end part with a cold-forging to a bar-like blank, heating, forming to a prescribed shape with a cross rolling, finish-working and fixing a nipple in the inner part of the socket.

The cylindrical socket part is formed from the bar-like blank at one end part with the cold-forging to make a metallic tool preform. The metallic tool preform is heated to 900-1200°C in a high-frequncy induction heating device under inert gas atmosphere. A notch is formed with the cross rolling machine and the notch is enlarged and a neck part 7 is formed to be long. A spherical head part 8 is formed while forming the round surface at the end part of the neck part 7 to manufacture a metallic tool intermediate body 9. An oil passage is shaven in the metallic tool intermediate body 9 and the upper and the lower surface of the head part 8 are shaven or pressed to finish the body to a flat spectacle shape. The nipple is fixed with brazing, etc., to form a hose ferrule.

Katayama, Toshiyuki
Maeda, Ryuichi
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Publication Date:
February 23, 1999
Filing Date:
August 05, 1997
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F16L33/00; B21D53/88; F16L33/28; F16L33/00; B21D53/00; F16L33/28; (IPC1-7): B21D53/88