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Japanese Patent JPS63108936
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PURPOSE: To form the piston for engine in light weight and high intensity by blow-forming the disk on the lower side upward and press-forming the disk on the upper side downward after performing the diffused junction of a steel pipe and stainless steel disk with their heating and pressurizing by placing two sets in order.

CONSTITUTION: A superplastic stainless steel disk 2 is placed on the upper end face 1a of the steel pipe 1 in about same length as that of a shirt part A. The steel pipe 3 in about same length as that of a head part B is placed on the upper face of the disk 2 and a superplastic stainless steel disk 4 is placed on the upper end face 3a of a pipe 3. The lower end face 1b of the pipe 1 is then placed on a backup die 8, the disks 2, 4 and pipes 1, 3 are pressurized in a furnace by a pressing die 9, and the steel pipe 1, steel pipe 3 and disks 2, 4 are subjected to a diffused junction. The gas in the specified pressure is fed into the steel pipe 1 from the hole 8a of the backup die 8 inside the furnace and the disk 2 at the lower side is faced to the upper part to perform a blow forming. Simultaneously a recessed hollow part forming die 10 is descended along the die 9 and the disk 4 on the upper side is pressure-formed.

Nakamura, Katsuaki
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Publication Date:
May 13, 1988
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October 28, 1986
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B21D53/84; F02F3/00; (IPC1-7): B21D53/84; F02F3/00