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Japanese Patent JP3183317
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PURPOSE: To improve the yield and to improve the mechanical strength of a road wheel by forming a recessed part in the condition where a bottom part is swollen to the rear side by forging on the corresponding position of an opening part of a stock, and removing the bottom part of the recessed part to form an opening part.
CONSTITUTION: When a stock A is forged by a forging die 1, a recessed part B is formed in the condition where a bottom part G including a round part R is swollen to the rear side of a road wheel. A largely deformed part D excellent in the mechanical strength is formed in the range covering the whole bottom part G and the side surface. In the road wheel A, an opening part C which is open to both face and rear sides of a disc part E is formed by cutting and removing the rear surface which is the part below the alternate long and short dash line, and removing the bottom part G including the round part R. The amount to be removed is reduced as a whole, and the part corresponding to the side part of the largely deformed part D is left, and the bottom part G including the round part is removed, satisfying the design request that the round part is not necessary.

Obara, Yujiro
Oiyama, Makoto
Yoshioka, Hideo
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Publication Date:
July 09, 2001
Filing Date:
December 24, 1993
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B60B3/02; B21K1/32; (IPC1-7): B21K1/32; B60B3/02
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的場 基憲