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Japanese Patent JPH04236849
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PURPOSE: To easily provide a fiber-reinforced rotary body durable to high speed rotation and a high load by a method wherein the warp or the weft of a two-way woven fabric is caused to coincide with one of the protrusion directions of the rotary body, and after the woven fabric material is cut in the shape of a protrusion, the direction of the protrusion is changed into the direction of a continuous fiber and matched with a protrusion shape and lamination molding is effected in an axial direction.

CONSTITUTION: The two-way woven fabric of carbon fibers is impregnated with molding resin to manufacture a prepreg. The necessary number of sheets is cut in a shape shown in Fig, and after cutting, the angles of four protrusions 6, 8, 10, and 12 are changed to form a rotary body shape symmetrical about a rotary shaft. The protrusions 6, 8, 10, and 12 are rotated in an angle of 45° arc equivalent to that of one protrusion. After lamination is effected until height in the direction of a rotary shaft attains a necessary value, heating and curing are effected to produce a radial rotor made of a carbon fiber-reinforced resin composite material. The radial rotor is baked in nitrogen atmosphere, and after matrix resin is carbonized, it is impregnated with pitch through a normal method. Re-baking is effected and densely structuring treatment is carried out to produce a radial rotor of a carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite material.

Niijima, Kenji
Hayashi, Masahiro
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August 25, 1992
Filing Date:
January 12, 1991
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D03D3/08; B29C70/10; B29D15/00; D03D23/00; D03D25/00; F01D5/14; F02B39/00; F16H55/06; B29K105/08; (IPC1-7): D03D3/08; D03D23/00; D03D25/00; F01D5/14; F02B39/00; F16H55/06

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