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Japanese Patent JP2005335674
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To improve hydraulic fluid supply performance from a reservoir to a pressure chamber, to effectively suppress back flow of the hydraulic fluid to the reservoir at the initial time of the operation, and to prevent liquid leakage by the back flow pressure, in a master cylinder that pumps up the hydraulic fluid from the reserver through the pressure chamber during automatic brake control.

Throttle valves 25 for opening a valve section while the master cylinder is inoperative and closing the valve section by pressure difference to narrow the passing amount of the hydraulic fluid when the hydraulic fluid flows back from the first pressure chamber 3 and the second pressure chamber 6 to the reservoir 8 are disposed in a mounting hole 48 connecting to a liquid flow passage 20 between the first pressure chamber 3 and the reservoir 8 and in a mounting hole 28 connecting to a liquid flow passage 21 between the second pressure chamber 6 and the reservoir 8. The throttle valves 25 each include a floating valve body 26 and a valve seat 27. The valve seat 27 has its radially outer portion liquid-tightly joined and fixed to the cylinder body 1 so that the fixed position of the valve seat 27 and the lowermost position of the floating valve body 26 are determined by the cylinder body 1.

Tsubouchi, Kaoru
Mita, Katsuhiro
Iijima, Hideaki
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Publication Date:
December 08, 2005
Filing Date:
March 30, 2005
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B60T11/22; B60T11/08; B60T11/26; B60T11/28; F15B7/04; F15B7/08; F15B7/10; (IPC1-7): B60T11/22
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鎌田 文二
東尾 正博
鳥居 和久
田川 孝由