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Japanese Patent JP2007117715
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To solve the problem that in the case of a conventional heart examination or others where an ultrasonic probe is attached to an affected body part of a patient through a pushed-down section or a pulled-out section of a medical examination table from the pushed-down side, or in the case of treatment for lever cancer where the lever is pierced with a needle through which radio wave or the like is passed, an arm of the patient on the side of the pushed-down section of the table may become a hindrance to the examination or the treatment.

This medical examination table comprises a seat 3 mounted on a base 1, a backrest 4 installed on the seat in a way that it can freely rise and fall an auxiliary backrest 7 turnably attached to a notched part 42 formed on one side of the backrest by means of locking shafts 71 that have two locking grooves 71a formed at a distance of approximately 90° from each other, and a handle 73 which is turnably attached to a bearing installed on the back face side of the auxiliary backrest, with its end being selectively engaged in one of the locking grooves.

Yamane, Koji
Tada, Toshihiko
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Publication Date:
May 17, 2007
Filing Date:
June 28, 2006
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International Classes:
A61G13/00; A61B6/03; A61G15/12