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Japanese Patent JP2001235122
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To provide a melting and solidifying device, which can keep the good combusting state inside a combustion melting furnace and can combust the gas stably by accelerating the flow speed of gas flow at a nozzle opening part preventing the adhesion of molten substance to a wall surface near the opening part of a nozzle inner tube.

Both of the nozzle outer tube 2 and the nozzle inner tube 3 of the burner of the combustion melting furnace of a municipal waste residuum melting and solidifying unit are made of insulating material (silica), the choke of the opening part of the nozzle outer tube 2 is formed with the adequate angle for the burning up of flame that is the angle of bend of approximately 60 degrees to the vertical line to the nozzle outer tube 2, the axial position of the opening edge of the nozzle inner tube 3 agrees the bending position of the nozzle outer tube 2 retreating from the opening edge of the nozzle outer tube 2 and, the diameter of the opening edge of the choke is set to agree the diameter of the nozzle inner tube 3.

Taniguchi, Yukihisa
Marumoto, Takahiro
Fujiwara, Naoki
Sato, Masaki
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Publication Date:
August 31, 2001
Filing Date:
February 23, 2000
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F23G5/00; F23D17/00; F23G5/027; F23G5/14; F23G5/44; (IPC1-7): F23G5/00; F23D17/00; F23G5/027; F23G5/14; F23G5/44
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武 顕次郎