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Japanese Patent JP2014117497
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To provide a hanger for clothing used in a three-dimensional shape into which the shape of a plane body is converted, having the following two characteristics: a linear member is attached to the circumference of the plane body including mesh fibers, and the body is folded so as to form a space part inside and be held while withstanding the load of usual clothing; and a shoulder line part of the hanger is folded upward so that the width thereof can be made small.

A flexible member 2 is provided in an annular form around an approximately oval body 1 of mesh fibers. The body 1 is folded in two, and the fold line thereof becomes a shoulder line 3, providing a three-dimensional body in the shape of a thick hanger for clothing with a space part formed inside. A reinforcement member 6 is attached to the shoulder line 3. Fasteners 4, such as hooks, are arranged in a plurality of tiers so as to enable the selection of a desired thickness of the hanger, and fix the three-dimensional hanger-like shape. A hook member 7 is provided on the central part of the fold line.

Shimizu, Tomoko
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Publication Date:
June 30, 2014
Filing Date:
December 18, 2012
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International Classes:
D06F57/00; A47F7/19; A47G25/28