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Japanese Patent JPH0624424
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PURPOSE: To make it possible to perform the facing/aligning of various types of containers easily by a method wherein information an a sensed image of a container which is carried facing an optional direction is collated with image information which is previously registered, to judge the facing direction of the container, and the container is turned to the direction for a purpose.

CONSTITUTION: An electronic camera 11 is arranged at an angle of view by which the picture of a major part of a container 10 can be taken, and an illumination part 12 is arranged in the vicinity of the electronic camera 11. When a container sensor 13 detects that the carried in container 10 is mounted on a rotary table 19, an image signal from the electronic camera 11 is registered in an input image memory 15 by the output of an operation control unit 14. Then, the degree of conformity of the input image is calculated at an image recognition operation unit 17 based on the registered image of the total periphery of the container 10 which is previously registered in a register image memory 16, and a position at which the degree of conformity becomes largest is retlieved. Then, the retlieved position number is transmitted to a rotation driving control unit 18, and the rotary table 19 is rotated by a pulse motor 20 to make the front surface of the container 10 face the front surface of the electronic camera 11, and the alignment is completed.

Shibazaki, Hisaichi
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Publication Date:
February 01, 1994
Filing Date:
July 02, 1992
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International Classes:
B65B57/02; G01B11/26; (IPC1-7): B65B57/02
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渡辺 喜平