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Japanese Patent JP2019108967
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To provide a method for moving a tapered roller which can surely moving the tapered roller even when a movement distance is short and a difference in height is small.SOLUTION: A rolling path 6 is prepared which extends in a movement direction of a tapered roller W and supports the vicinity of both ends Bs of the tapered roller in a lower side. One end side in a width direction of the rolling path is adjusted to be lower than the other end side so that a large bottom surface Bb side of an axis Ca in the tapered roller is lower than a small bottom surface Bs side when the axis Ca of the rolling path is orthogonal to the movement direction and the rolling path supports the tapered roller. When the tapered roller placed on the rolling path in such a manner that the large bottom surface is positioned in the lower one end is moved in the rolling path with the usage of a difference in height, a fitting part 111 provided along the rolling path is fitted with the large bottom surface to prevent the tapered roller from continuously starting to slip off while rotating, and simultaneously, an unstable attitude of the tapered roller in movement is corrected by the fitting part.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 10

越智 研二
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July 04, 2019
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December 20, 2017
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F16C43/06; F16C33/36
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安田 幹雄