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Japanese Patent JP2019046619
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To provide a method for manufacturing an inexpensive electrostatic capacitance sensor, which can suppress an electrostatic capacitance sensor from being delaminated in the vicinity of an adhesive layer and making an obstacle in electrostatic capacitance formation and detection of electrostatic capacitance change and can realize the reduction in thickness, and which can avoid damaging a conducting pattern-layer even in a case in which the electrostatic capacitance sensor is set on a three-dimensional shaped molded product.SOLUTION: A method for manufacturing an electrostatic capacitance sensor including an insulative resist layer 2, a conducting pattern-layer 3 formed on the resist layer 2, and an adhesive layer 10 interposed between the side of the conducting pattern-layer 3 and an optically transmissive decorating layer 7, and arranged so that a light transmissive property is imparted to the resist layer 2 and the adhesive layer 10, and Young's modulus is 11 MPa or more and 31 MPa or less comprises the steps of: forming the resist layer 2 from a resin composition so that it has a thickness of 10 μm or more and 50 μm or less; printing a conductive material to the resist layer 2 and drying and hardening it, thereby forming the conducting pattern-layer 3; and printing an adhesive on the side of the conducting pattern-layer 3 or the decorating layer 7, and hardening it, thereby forming the adhesive layer 10 of 1 μm or more and 100 μm or less in thickness.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

浅川 勝弘
今橋 健康
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March 22, 2019
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August 31, 2017
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H01H11/00; H01H36/00
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藤本 英介
神田 正義
宮尾 明茂
馬場 信幸

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