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Japanese Patent JP2002169170
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To provide a method (1) for suppressing increase in the cost for equipment and (2) to suppress changes of the component of a liquid crystal in the method for sealing a liquid crystal by using a vacuum chamber and in the method for sealing a liquid, crystal, by using an elastic clamp with respect to the method for sealing a liquid crystal in a 20-inch or larger size liquid crystal display cell.

After the inside of a liquid crystal display cell 9 has been directly evacuated through a sealing port by using a sealing clamp 1 composed of a step-like formed member 2, made of a material having low contamination property for a liquid crystal, a rectangular parallelepiped member 3 and a sealing 4, valves are switched to seal a liquid crystal in the cell. Since the liquid crystal display cell is evacuated directly, a vacuum chamber can be dispensed with, and the cost for a sealing deice for a 20-inch or larger liquid crystal display cell can be suppressed. Since the sealing clamp is made of a material which will not cause the liquid crystal component to change and the liquid crystal is not exposed to a vacuum environment, the liquid crystal can be sealed without changes in the component of the liquid crystal.

Honoki, Hideyuki
Tanaka, Yuichiro
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Publication Date:
June 14, 2002
Filing Date:
December 04, 2000
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G02F1/1341; (IPC1-7): G02F1/1341