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Japanese Patent JP2007061100
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To provide a method for the in situ production of an emulsifier in a foodstuff, wherein a lipid acyltransferase is added to the foodstuff containing egg or milk.

The lipid acyltransferase is added to the foodstuff containing egg or milk. That is, the lipid acyltransferase is one which is capable of transferring an acyl group from a lipid to an acyl receptor, that is, one or more of a sterol, a stanol, a carbohydrate, a protein or a sub-unit thereof and glycerol so as to produce one or more of a sterol ester, a stanol ester, a protein ester, a carbohydrate ester, a diglyceride and a monoglyceride. One or more of these may function as an additional emulsifier.

DE, Kreij Arno
Madrid, Susan M.
Mikkelson, Jorn Dalgaard
Soe, Jorn Borch
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March 15, 2007
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September 06, 2006
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C12N9/10; A21D8/04; A23C9/13; A23C13/16; A23C15/00; A23C19/032; A23D7/01; A23G9/32; A23G9/36; A23G9/44; A23G9/52; A23K1/00; A23K1/16; A23K1/165; A23L1/03; A23L1/035; A23L1/24; A23L1/30; A23L1/32; A23L1/39; A61K35/20; A61K35/54; A61K38/45; A61P9/00; A61P9/10; C11C3/10; C12N9/18; C12N11/00; C12N15/09; C12P7/62; C12P7/64; C12Q1/48; A23D7/02
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廣田 雅紀